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There are hundreds of professional templates for Joomla very easy to install - just few clicks and you are there! Its design is flowless, and they are made by pros. If you know HTML &l CSS at list a little you can manage style very easily. What if you need unique design? Custom made template is the right choice. Contact us and you will get some of our best designs.

Joomla! CMS benefits:

  • Easy management - all changes are instant.
  • Changing or updating design does not affect web site content.
  • Fast content response support.
  • User Access Level support - you manage access yourself very easy.
  • Managing images, audio & video content - was never easier. Just few clicks and you can have it all.
All parts of you site are organized to maintain functionality. Menu management was never easier, you can simply create unlimited number of submenus. You can control you content via Article Manager, through which everything can be organized by categories or subcategories Joomla! 3.1. system. Manage your files via Media Manager, where you can upload files, images, video materials, documents and many, many more.
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Billing System

Solution for your everyday needs.
Billing System targets small and middle size companies that usually runs books outside its own company. Managing invoices was never easier. We tryied to create very simple application but in the same time we have included variety of options that satisfies all your needs. Centralized database server maintains your data in one place with backup on 3 continets.
  • Simple for use while your finaces are maintained completely.
  • Everything is where is expected to be.
  • Usefull. Managing accounts with deifferent serrial numbers.
  • Attractive. Provides PDF version adjustable for printing, professionally designed.
  • Flexible. Filter your invoices, easily manage clients, and send emails with one click.
  • Productivity is on first place. Automatically generate backup periodically.
  • Support. We continuously maintain support for you to fulfill all your needs.
Billing System is made for those who already had similar software and know how to use it, and also knows what to expect from it.

Easy generate, notify and send invoices to your client via email.

Contact us and try it free for 30 days.

Video Recognition Manager

Latest achievement in field of video capturing and recognition

Television content

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VR Manager ® offers probability and statistical analisys of television or any video content. Tracking objects in digital format materials. Enumerating objects like parts, cars, people, birds, commercials. Facial and other types of recognition.

Frame matching

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VR Manager ® engine is based on linear and functional analysis, where pixels are represented as points in Lebesgue R2 plane. Matching frames are represented via arrays, using Cauchy–Schwarz inequality for L2 norm.

Advertisement content

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VR Manager ® is developed using latest technology with C++ language and specially designed framework based on Intel ® multi-core platform for parallel processing. Parallel data analisys and AI techniques are significantly reducing processing time.


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